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Where is Bicycle Therapeutics headquartered?

Bicycle is a transatlantic company headquartered in the vibrant life science cluster of Cambridge U.K., with many key functions and members of our leadership team located in our offices in the biotech hub of Boston, Mass, U.S.A.

U.K. Location:

Bicycle Therapeutics, plc
B900, Babraham Research Campus
Cambridge CB22 3AT
United Kingdom
+44 1223 261503

U.S. Location:

Bicycle Therapeutics, Inc.
4 Hartwell Place
Lexington, MA

Where is Bicycle Therapeutics incorporated?
Bicycle Therapeutics is incorporated in England and Wales. 
When was Bicycle Therapeutics founded?
Bicycle Therapeutics was founded in 2009.
Which stock exchange are Bicycle Therapeutics American Depositary Shares (“ADSs”) traded on and what is the company’s ticker?
Bicycle Therapeutics is traded on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the ticker “BCYC.”
When did the company go public?
Bicycle Therapeutics’ initial public offering was on May 22, 2019.
When does Bicycle Therapeutics’ fiscal year end?
Bicycle Therapeutics’ fiscal year ends on December 31.
Who is Bicycle Therapeutics’ independent registered public accounting firm?
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.
What is Bicycle Therapeutics’ CUSIP number?
How can I purchase Bicycle Therapeutics ADSs?
Bicycle Therapeutics’ ADSs can be purchased by contacting a securities broker of your choice.
Does Bicycle Therapeutics have a direct share purchase plan?
Bicycle Therapeutics does not currently offer a direct share purchase plan.
Does Bicycle Therapeutics pay dividends and have a dividend reinvestment program?
Bicycle Therapeutics does not currently pay dividends in its ADSs and it does not have a dividend reinvestment program.
Who is Bicycle Therapeutics’ transfer agent and depositary bank?
Bicycle Therapeutics’ transfer agent is Computershare . Please see contact information below:

Dunstan Thompson
T +44 (0370) 703 0031
The Pavilions, Bridgwater Road, Bristol BS13 8AE, United Kingdom

The depositary for Bicycle Therapeutics’ ADSs is Citibank N.A. Please see contact information below:

Tel: 1-877-CITI-ADR (toll free)
Tel: 1-781-575-4555 (outside US)
Fax 1-201-324-3284
E-mail at:
How do I report a change of mailing address?
If you hold ordinary shares in your name, you must contact Bicycle Therapeutics’ transfer agent, Computershare. If you hold ADSs or ordinary shares in street name, you must contact your broker to update your address.
How can I get a copy of Bicycle Therapeutics’ annual report of any other investor materials?
Quarterly & Annual reports and other investor materials are available under Filings in the Investors section of Bicycle Therapeutics’ corporate website. Additionally, all SEC filings can also be accessed directly from the SEC at
How can I sign up to receive Bicycle Therapeutics press releases and other company information?
Please visit the Investors section of Bicycle Therapeutics’ corporate website and choose the Email Alerts link to be added to the Bicycle Therapeutics distribution list.
Who can I contact if I am a member of the media?
For media inquiries, please contact:

Media Relations
Bicycle Therapeutics
Who should I contact if I have further questions?
Investor Relations
Bicycle Therapeutics