Nigel Crockett, Ph.D.
Chief Business Officer

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Nigel Crockett, Ph.D., is chief business officer of Bicycle Therapeutics.

Nigel joined Bicycle Therapeutics from Tukan Partners Ltd., which he founded as a consultancy providing hands-on, transactional, commercial expertise for a broad range of biotech clientsfrom around the world. Prior to founding Tukan Partners, Nigel was a member of the management team at Astex, completing 14 deals for the company. Previously, Nigel held commercial and senior management roles at several pharma-biotech companies, including Heptares (now Sosei-Heptares), Microbiotica, Crescendo Biologics, NodThera, Clinical Designs Ltd. and Cantab Pharmaceuticals. In more than 25 years, he built expertise in the licensing of early- and late-stage clinical assets and company financing and has completed more than 50 major deals, establishing industry-leading strategic collaborations in a multitude of key therapeutic areas.He previously chaired the U.K.’s BioIndustry Association, Business Development Working Group.

Nigel received his B.S. in chemistry from the University of Manchester and obtained a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Cambridge University.

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